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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Office Holiday Party

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

You’ve just received an invitation to the company holiday party. Do you feel:

A) Merry and Bright, or B) Full of dread at the prospect of eating dry chicken while listening to your boss drone on again about that time he lost his luggage on the way to Saskatoon

If you fall closer to option B, you’re not alone. 90% of employees would rather not attend an office party. That’s right- nearly ALL employees would prefer to do anything but the jingle bell rock with their coworkers to celebrate the holiday season.

At Sherwood Inn, we think that’s very sad! It’s time to give the office party a makeover. An overhaul. A total upgrade! And we’re proud to announce the solution: Come join us over the holidays and experience how much fun, laughter, and fresh air we can add to your holiday soiree.

Here are 5 ways we make that happen:

1) It all begins with the food. Let’s be honest here- one of the biggest reasons why the office party is a lunch bag letdown is the food. At Sherwood Inn, we make it our number one goal to ensure that the culinary experience is second-to-none. Our executive Chef José Caneira prepares every dish meticulously, ensuring that regardless of the size of your group, the quality of your meal is never diminished.

2) But don’t forget the wine. Even the best food can be rendered unpalatable when paired with a poor wine selection. At Sherwood Inn, our award-winning wine cellar features over 2,000 bottles from more than 200 selections. Whatever the menu, we have the perfect wine to complement it.

3) What about the venue? When you’re choosing a location for the party, we suggest thinking outside the box. Sure, a restaurant atmosphere is nice and all (especially when it has a spectacular view of the lake like our Vintages Dining Room!), but to really break free from the chains of a mundane office party, you’ll need something unique. At Sherwood Inn, our award-winning wine cellar isn’t just for storage- it’s a venue unto itself! Picture an intimate, candlelit dinner surrounded by rare vintages on a cold, winter night. Nothing says “exclusivity” like hosting your party in a hidden venue!

4) Speaking of a “hidden gem” If you’re into the idea of an exclusive, private, indulgent event, then you’ll love the option to rent the ENTIRE INN for your office getaway. Hidden away in a little bay on majestic Lake Joseph, Sherwood Inn boasts peace, quiet, and privacy every day of the year. But booking the resort exclusively allows your guests to experience an unparalleled experience to bond as a group, solely amongst yourselves.

5) Activities that are actually fun At Sherwood Inn, our focus on dining excellence doesn’t end when your meal is over. Many of our most popular corporate group activities place a culinary spin on teambuilding, allowing your company to attend a cooking lesson or even play a customized game of “Iron Chef”! Our property has plenty of space to go snowshoeing through the forest, and many quiet nooks perfect for reading a book by the fire. Plan some group activities, or simply meet up for the meal- the choice is all yours.

Plan your party today! For more information on our group packages, contact Jody Gillis at, or 1(866) 252-5330.

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