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Meet Sherwood Inn's First Ever Pop-Up Wedding Couple!

Muskoka Weddings: Alexandra and Chris Priest

The Couple: Alexandra and Chris Priest Wedding Date: October 4th, 2018 Location: Sherwood Inn Boathouse How: Pop-Up Wedding Event

When Alexandra and Chris first found each other online in 2010, they had no idea how much they had in common. Both fourth generation cottagers, the duo quickly bonded over their mutual love of Muskoka. And as their relationship grew and evolved, they made new memories together at their family properties, which happened to coincidentally be located just 15 minutes away from each other in Dorset.

When the time came for Chris to propose, there was no question in his mind that the perfect place to get down on one knee was out on the dock at Alexandra’s family cottage. As the sun was setting, she said “yes!” and they began planning the details of their dream wedding. But as the research progressed, they were confronted with the question so many couples ask: Why does a wedding have to be so darned expensive? An elopement felt far too informal, but a “traditional” wedding didn’t feel right either. If only they could find something in between the two…

Discovering the Pop-Up When a neighbour sent Alexandra the link to Sherwood Inn’s first ever Pop-Up Wedding event, the couple instantly knew it was exactly what they had been looking for. Excitedly, Alexandra called the Inn to inquire, but found that the event was already fully booked (the Pop-Up received such extensive publicity that a lengthy waiting list was beginning to develop). Alexandra added her name to the list and crossed her fingers, but disappointedly began looking at other options.

In yet another stroke of fate in the couple’s love story, they later received a call from Sherwood Inn, informing them that a spot had opened! Alexandra and Chris were thrilled, and began inviting family members. Upon sharing the news with her Grandmother, Alexandra discovered that the founder of Sherwood Inn- Harry Draper- was her Grandfather’s uncle! It appeared to be another sign that their plan was meant to be.

The Big Day The old adage says that rain on a wedding day is good luck. But when Alexandra and Chris awoke to thundershowers on their big day, they were admittedly disappointed. They’d wanted to be married out on the point, standing atop the rocky outcrops over the lake. And while eventually the skies did clear and turn to brilliant sunshine, the point remained too wet and muddy to accommodate their nuptials safely.

Thinking quickly, Sherwood Inn’s catering manager Christina VanKempen organized an alternative venue, on top of the property’s most prestigious accommodation: The Boathouse overlooking Lake Joseph. As it turns out, this unique opportunity was even more romantic than the original plan. After all, it doesn’t get any more “Muskoka” than getting married above a sprawling boathouse.

Alongside their immediate family, they celebrated with meals prepared by our acclaimed Chef, José Caneira, a photo session, and an unforgettable evening retreat.

From the Bride: When asked about the Pop-Up Wedding event, Alexandra had the following to say: Chris and I had the most magical, wonderful wedding and would do it all over again the exact same way. Christina and the whole staff at Sherwood Inn catered to our every need and made sure everything was perfect. Sherwood Inn is the most beautiful traditional Muskoka Inn overlooking stunning Lake Joseph. This pop up style wedding is ideal for any couple looking to get married in a beautiful location and not have to worry about anything. We cannot say enough amazing things about Sherwood Inn. We can’t wait to come back! 

Interested in your own Pop-Up Wedding? You’re in luck- this coming Valentine’s Day, Sherwood Inn will be hosting our second Pop-Up Wedding event, this time in the dreamy snow! The February 14th package is priced at $2500++, and includes:

  • Horse drawn sleigh ride

  • Two nights in a premium Cedarwood Room

  • Outdoor Muskoka aisle/arbour, or an intimate fireside ceremony

  • Bouquet and matching boutonniere

  • Professional officiant

  • 45 min. photo session

  • Additional special upgrades available!

For full details, contact Christina VanKempen at 1-800-461-4233, ext. 431, or email

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