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Holiday Lamb Shanks from Sherwood's Chef

Updated: May 25, 2023

Braised Lamb Shank at Sherwood Inn

It's a winter wonderland at Sherwood Inn! With so much to do, and with so much that's new - things are heating up this holiday season at Muskoka's romantic culinary lakeside inn. We're excited to announce the return of Chef Everett Bell who's already making a splash with exciting new cuisine - including a Braised Lamb Shank special he added to the holiday menu!

Chef Everett says; "everyone's first impression is that it's really difficult to prepare Braised Lamb Shank, but in reality, it's much easier than you think if you have a little guidance" - so, with that; Chef Everett has included the recipe below and invites you to come taste it before making it at home! Vintages Dining Room is open 7 days a week beginning December 17th to January 2nd - so book your reservation today.

Welcome back Chef Everett Bell!

Chef Everett Bell holding a Braised Lamb Shank

Born and raised in northern Ontario, Chef Everett is no stranger to fresh local food. Spending summers on his grandfather’s farm he gained a respect and passion for food and farming - which is where he discovered his love for the culinary arts. Driven by a passion for the outdoors and sourcing local ingredients, Chef Everett looks to include as many fresh/local items on his menu as possible.

Chef Everett began working as a dishwasher at age 14 and was cooking by age 15. His passion for food started early as he excelled in the kitchen and was soon making everything on the menu. This inspired Chef Everett to attend culinary school at Canadore College in North Bay, Ont. Upon graduating with a Culinary Management diploma, he began working at the Grandview Resort in Huntsville under the guidance of Executive Chef Ken Schulz - eventually achieving his Red Seal certification in 2009. Since then Chef Everett has grown to oversee the culinary operations at both The Lake Joseph Club and Sherwood Inn.

Chef Everett's Braised Lamb Shank Recipe:

Step 1: Preheat oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit

Step 2: Lightly season the shanks with salt and pepper

Step 3: Roast the shanks until golden brown (approx. 20 mins)

Step 4: While the shanks are roasting, prepare the braising liquid in a large pot

Braising Liquid:

Beef stock – 4 Liters

Tomato paste – 12 oz can

Red wine – 750 ML (one bottle)

Garlic powder – 1 tbsp

Onion powder – 1 tbsp

*Whisk all together*

​Braise Ingredients

Carrots – 1 cup medium dice

Celery – 1 cup medium dice

Onions - 1 cup medium dice

Parsnips – 1 cup medium dice

Garlic – 6 cloves crushed

Fresh rosemary – 3 sprigs

Fresh mint – 3 sprigs

Fresh thyme – 3 sprigs

Cloves – 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds – 1 tbsp

Fennel seeds – 1 tbsp

Whole black peppercorns – 1 tbsp

Bay leaves – 4

Step 5: Using high heat on the stove, bring the braising liquid to a light boil

Step 6: Remove the shanks from the oven (after approx. 20 mins) and place them into a roasting pan. Add the vegetables, herbs and spices

Step 7: Once the braising liquid has been brought to a simmer, pour it into the roasting pan and completely cover the Lamb Shanks

Step 8: Reduce the oven temperature to 250 degrees Ferinheight

Step 9: Cover the roasting pan tightly with aluminum foil

Step 10: Cook for approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes

Step 11: While the Lamb Shanks are cooking, prepare the sides. Bell peppers, asparagus, rice and carrots all pair nicely - but it's entirely up to you!

Step 12: Remove shanks from the roasting pan, strain the veggies, and heat reduce the Jus into a sauce – it should coat the back of a spoon

Step 13: Plate the Braised Lamb Shank, drizzle the Jus on top and add your sides!

And that's how Chef Everett makes his delicious Braised Lamb Shanks! Before making them at home, Chef Everett invites you to come try them first. Vintages Dining Room is open 7 days a week from December 17th - January 2nd, so make your reservation today! Better yet, check out some of the fantastic holiday season packages we still have available!

Holiday Season Packages at Sherwood Inn:

Holiday Season Special - December 17 to 29

Stay a minimum of three nights and take advantage of all that Sherwood Inn has to offer. Book using our regular rate for two nights and receive your third night for only $59. Tons of fun with an incredible dining experience, beautiful cross country skiing, snow shoe and fat bike trails, an on-site spa and more! Click here to learn more and book!

Snowy Sherwood

New Year's Package - December 30 to January 1

With Sherwood Inn’s quaint and authentic Muskoka charm, it's the perfect place to bring that special someone for a quiet New Year’s Escape. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want to say ‘I love you’, there is no better way to say it than with a stay at Sherwood Inn. This two day package includes one breakfast and a delicious 5 course New Year's Eve dinner for each registered adult. Click Here to check out the New Year's Eve Dinner Menu, and Click here to book!

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